What do winter tyres and our winter footwear have in common?

2018 / February / 01 / Behind the Scenes /

y kids love fresh, sticky snow. I love fresh, sticky snow. Snow that’s soft and wet, that creaks and squeaks under your feet, or your car tyres. It’s the best snow for leaving tracks – where you see every detail of your footprint. We wanted to develop winter footwear that works on both sticky snow and slushy snow. 

The kind of footwear that functions around town, looks good for everyday use, but that will still cope with an extended winter walk in the woods. At Hanwag, we call this our “Active Winter” footwear category.

To get the new Active Winter models ready in time and bring them to market for the Fall/Winter 2017/18 collection, I had my fist meeting with MICHELIN Technical Soles back in Autumn 2016. By drawing on the 128-year-old tyre manufacturer’s extensive network of 6,000 R&D experts, I hoped to find the support to develop a new sole for Hanwag. A sole that would function both for active urban and sporty outdoor winter use. The functionality and tread design of MICHELIN winter tyres provided exactly the inspiration I was looking for.

During the follow-up meetings in Italy and Vierkirchen, we made great progress. Working in close cooperation, we transferred the profile of the popular MICHELIN ALPIN 5 winter tyre to design a new technical shoe sole. The resulting MICHELIN® V-ROUGH sole provides outstanding traction and adherence and is particularly abrasion-resistant and long-lasting.

We had the outsole we wanted. Together, we developed three models for the Hanwag Active Winter line. As genuine hybrids, they bridge the gap in our collection between our mountaineering and outdoor models and our more casual urban winter footwear. The ANVIK, AOTEA and MOAPA are wonderfully comfortable, multifunctional winter boots. See for yourself. 

I’d like to thank our colleagues at MICHELIN Technical Soles for the successful cooperation. We’re really proud about MICHELIN® V-ROUGH and are delighted to now see the ANVIK, AOTEA and MOAPA at specialist shoe retailers and with customers all over the world. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the winter – and that there’s plenty of fresh, sticky snow 😉