Introducing: Hanwag Women’s Alliance 2018

2018 / March / 27 / Behind the Scenes /

esigned by women for women: Additional female input for its Spring / Summer 2018 women’s models. Maggy and Anja from You Are An Adventure Story and Petra Thaller give our team some insights about what women really want.

Finding the perfect fit is the most important criteria when choosing new footwear. Destination, terrain, function, colour and design also play an important role. Outdoor women are particularly demanding when it comes to choosing their hiking shoes and mountain boots. The starting point for every Hanwag women’s model are the special Hanwag women’s lasts that are the result of decades of expertise and experience. They guarantee a fit specially designed for the female anatomy. In order to design Hanwag mountain boots with functionality, form, colours and designs more suitable and attractive to women and to fit female feet better, the Hanwag R&D team brought in additional female support for the Spring / Summer 2018 collection.

With the founding members of the “Women’s Alliance”, Petra Thaller, Magdalena Kalus and Anja Kaiser, Hanwag now have three very confident, outdoor women with very different backgrounds involved in developing new products.

Hanwag has supported Petra Thaller and her organisation Outdoor Against Cancer for a number of years now. Petra has two adult children and publishes the online magazine Mountains4U. She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. Petra organises outdoor events for cancer patients across Europe. Outdoor Against Cancer is the world’s only organisation that offers prevention, support and rehabilitation all together.

“Good equipment is essential for outdoor activities. Throughout all my years in the outdoor industry, on expeditions or working with cancer patients, having the right footwear has had a crucial impact on whether it’s been a good day or a bad day.” says Petra Thaller. “I’ve known the Hanwag team for a good while and we have always worked well together. I’m delighted to be officially involved in the development process for the new women’s models and that Hanwag is offering more than just financial support for Outdoor Against Cancer.”

Magdalena (Maggy) Kalus and Anja Kaiser, outdoor bloggers from “” are popular industry influencers due to their reports from a wide range of outdoor activities and their honest, up-front way of communicating. As part of the Hanwag “Women’s Alliance”, they represent a target group of young, dynamic women who enjoy spending their weekends in the mountain alongside their busy full-time jobs.

Petra, Maggy and Anja were present at three important meetings with the Hanwag Research & Development team between October 2017 and April 2018 to take part in key decisions: which colours and designs are best, which models should be reworked and which details are required to fit women’s specific anatomies. During lively discussions, prototypes were discussed, materials were chosen and the final products for the Spring/ Summer 2018 collection were decided on. And that’s just the beginning. The Hanwag R&D team plans to continue tapping into female outdoor expertise and experience and build up a long-term network of women influencers and decision makers to provide feedback on Hanwag’s women’s models and further strengthen the brand in this respect.