#stayfitgethealthy – Our partnership with Outdoor Against Cancer

2018 / July / 12 / Behind the Scenes /

Living a full and healthy life is such a privilege. For the Hanwag team, we are incredibly lucky that our passion and profession are one and the same.
We spend our weekends in the mountains, outdoors, hiking and climbing, and then we spend our weekdays working on developing products that allow others to take part in these same activities. The main prerequisite for all this: a healthy body. But that’s not something we can take for granted.

It is over three years ago now that our friend and colleague within the outdoor industry Petra Thaller told us she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a huge shock for everyone in the industry. But Petra is a fighter and has never given up. Today, she has completed all her treatment and while all this was going on, she also started up ‘Outdoor Against Cancer’, an organisation that provides cancer patients and their families with access to outdoor sports.

Petra after her cancer diagnosis


Petra Thaller: “When I started up OaC, I wasn’t really sure how it would evolve. But now it’s clear: It’s about social engagement, about providing activates that are easy to access, whether it is sports or exercise offerings with carefully selected collaboration partners, or travel to places or areas that are beneficial to the mind, body and soul. For people in remission looking to reengage with physical activity in a fun way, and for those who are unwell, and can experience the healing benefits of being active in nature, under the guidance of OaC certified trainers and collaboration partners.”

Petra leading a workout with cancer patients
Petra and some of the OaC team at Hanwag LaBrassBandaWandert 2017


Last year, Petra also published a book summarizing her work and research results in association with the Technical University of Munich. Read an extract (in German) here. 

What an achievement! When Petra first set up Outdoor Against Cancer and was looking for partners, Hanwag was there right from the start. And when, on the other hand, we were looking for female brand ambassadors in 2017, to advise and share their thoughts and requirements on the development of the new Hanwag women’s models, Petra was a natural choice. Hanwag and Outdoor Against Cancer have one thing in common and that’s people: Motivating people to get outside, to get active and enjoy their natural environment – whether they are healthy or sick – and to have fun and share in the joy.

The Women’s Alliance in conversation with Hanwag Head of R&D, Andreas Settele
Product testing with the Women’s Alliance
Great discussion with the team Hanwag Women’s Alliance


With Petra and the two bloggers from YouAreAnAdventureStory, Maggy and Anja, Hanwag has enjoyed feedback from three self-assured yet distinctive female outdoor aficionados on its latest product developments. Find out more about the work of the Hanwag Women’s Alliance here.